How To Get A Job In Digital Marketing (Starting in SEO)

My journey becoming a digital marketing manager
03Sep, 2019

When I started learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) I was unaware just how complex it was to rank a website on Google. Although going into the industry I didn’t set any expectations, I was still somehow shocked that there are over 200 ranking factors and counting!

In this industry the most I knew at the time was that when searching for something on Google, Google would bold out my search term to show me relevant results and from there I would pick and choose depending on what stood out to me as a customer. Little did I know that my search term that I saw Google bolding for me were also named in the SEO community as ‘keywords’ to me learning what keywords are and how they are used to influence rankings, search volumes and intent really inspired me to learn more.

This Is My Career Journey (So Far)

Moving on from search engine optimisation fundamentals, it is important to note that when you become passionate enough and show a good understanding you will most likely follow my path and earn a promotion to an account manager.

My role as an account manager position consisted of handling a range of my own clients (these clients paid more for the benefit of having an account manager). The responsibility of managing these clients fell in your hands.

I had to arrange my work schedule, manage client expectations, initiate client communication and ensure that rankings, traffic and ultimately profits were increasing for them. As an account manager at full capacity some days you really don’t get enough time to even think about having lunch – I didn’t mind this and I always saw managing clients as a challenge that I would overcome and win.

If you are passionate about what you do then being an SEO account manager can really be rewarding. The upwards trends on graphs, halving your page loading speed and doubling customer profits are all wins that will motivate you to carry on doing a great job!
This role was great and I knew after many career moves in my short working life I had finally found a career where I didn’t get bored, the job had lots of variety and it was just challenging enough to keep me motivated to perform well.

It just happened that at the time I worked over an hours drive to work and this eventually took its toll on my happiness. I got offered a job as a digital marketing manager at an agency only thirty minutes drive from home.

I interviewed with the managing directors and everything they were saying to me ticked all my boxes, I would be challenged, I would be managing clients, going on meetings with the added responsibility of running in-house seo and social media. In addition to this I would also be learning and running PPC campaigns for clients which added a whole new dynamic to my role.

I still have the variety of what SEO offered me along with the complexity of managing in house marketing, client side PPC and being in charge of project management, how could I possibly get bored!

So, why should you make the jump to a Digital Marketing Manager?

Now I have worked as a digital marketing manager for over three months I thought I’d educate fellow marketers on the benefits of jumping from an SEO manager to a Digital Marketing Manager to those considering whether or not to make the jump.

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Although my daily SEO tasks ranged from writing a blog, fixing a line of code or completing a competitor analysis, being a digital marketing manager brings even more variety. As long as you have nailed your organisation and you know what tasks need to be completed, you really do have the freedom to drop that competitor analysis you can’t find the motivation to do and to line up some social media posts for the next week. Obviously you will need to improve organisation so you know when to delegate your tasks as your time is crucial to your business.

Job Opportunities

As London is where most of the major agencies reside, I will use London as my base when I search for jobs. I will use terms such as SEO Manager and Digital Marketing Manager to compare results. Please see my findings below:


As you can now see, making the jump to a digital marketing manager really does open more doors for you and the chances of you finding a job is so much greater.

More Understanding from friends + family

Ever had to explain to your family a million times what SEO actually means and what you do for a living? You aren’t alone. Most people just don’t understand SEO or the benefits as for some it is simply too complex to grasp. As Digital Marketing as a whole is a lot broader, you will find less people question you when you say you are a digital marketing manager by trade. Trust me, explaining I do most marketing online is a lot easier than explaining how I get websites to the top of Google.

To Better Myself

One thing I learnt from my very first job as a Personal Banking Advisor for Lloyds Bank is that I get very bored very easily and this is accelerated when I don’t have an opportunity to learn. Having four paths to learn from (content, social, SEO & PPC), gives you so much learning to do. Rules are always changing and as a digital marketing manager you will find you have to keep up-to-date daily on industry news otherwise you get left behind. This is a blessing for me as I am no longer sitting at my desk falling asleep and I get to be proactive in every single way!

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